Taylor Wilson in 'Silent Jack'
Taylor Wilson (mezzo soprano) successfully auditioned for the role of Lady Brannoch in Madame X. A year later she was back, with the stage entirely to herself, as Amy Beddoes (pictured here) in the critically acclaimed Silent Jack.


“Collaborating with Radius Opera has been one of the highlights of my career as a singer. There was a great mutual respect and work ethic, which allowed us to explore the music and characters in a most productive and creative way, ultimately bringing out the best in us all”
Taylor Wilson, mezzo soprano

Radius Opera usually holds auditions for new productions at the Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester. Details of upcoming audition opportunities will be posted here first.

Current auditions

The Fire of Olympus; or, On Sticking It To The Man is a new opera by Tim Benjamin, produced by Radius Opera, touring the north of England in 2019.

About the opera

The Fire of Olympus is a modern-day version of the legends of Prometheus and Pandora. In our version, Zeus is the all-powerful President of Olympus; Prometheus and his brother Epimetheus are subversive activists who seek to undermine Zeus. They accidentally steal his mystical “fire” and begin a revolution. Prometheus ends up in a cruel super-max prison, and Zeus sends Pandora as a honey-trap for Epimetheus, but they end up falling in love, after Pandora unleashes anarchy on the world, of course. However, Zeus is a master politician and no fool – a world in ruins demands a strong leader; was this his plan all along?

Uniquely, The Fire of Olympus will incorporate a digital chorus of (literally) thousands of amateur singers, recorded in workshops across the north of England, alongside the live cast and orchestra.


We are holding auditions at the RNCM, Manchester on Monday 22nd October, between 10am and 3pm.

Applications are invited for principal and cover cast roles, as follows:

  • ZEUS: baritone (charakterbariton / dramatic)
  • HEPHAESTUS: tenor (leggiero / lyric)
  • PROMETHEUS: mezzo-soprano (trouser role, lyric / coloratura)
  • EPIMETHEUS: mezzo-soprano (trouser role, lyric / coloratura)
  • PANDORA: soprano (soubrette / lyric / coloratura)

We ask that you bring two pieces from operatic repertoire, maximum 10 minutes overall. The music for this new opera is in a style similar to C18th opera seria, and while contemporary is not avant-garde. Therefore, one audition piece must be a short recitative and aria from an opera from c.1650-1750, the other should be post-1920; at least one should be in English. We will ask you to act (in the context of your chosen pieces), and we will provide some direction. An accompanist will be available.

Please note that the production base will be Manchester. You will be required for rehearsals in late summer 2019, for performances in September through November 2019.

To Apply

To apply, please send a CV, voice details, headshot, and selected audition repertoire to:

Auditions for The Fire Of Olympus are now closed. Any further auditions will be announced here after the 22nd October.