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About Radius

Radius was founded in 2007, specialising in contemporary classical chamber music. With a reputation for outstanding musicianship and innovative ideas, the high standard of our performances has been critically acclaimed by the national and musical press. Since our debut at London’s Wigmore Hall we have appeared at numerous venues, at festivals and on tour, and have given the first performances of many new works. Today, Radius specialises in the production of contemporary opera and music theatre, having given the world première of no fewer than nine such works.

The Radius Artistic Director is Tim Benjamin.

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“Radius is one of the few companies creating original operas and aiming at keeping the art form truly alive”

—Jildy Sauce review

“A truly remarkable performance that is nearly unheard of within smaller opera companies and festivals”

—Musically Notable review

“Having never seen an opera before, the show changed my expectations. I was absolutely gripped. If you’ve never seen an opera before, or if you’ve seen plenty, I would definitely recommend going to see Radius”

—Goole Times review


The founder members of Radius were:

  • Daniel Rowland (violin)
  • Oliver Coates (cello)
  • Jennifer George (flute)
  • Charys Green (clarinet)
  • John Reid (piano)
  • Adrian Spillett (percussion)

The following are those who have performed / appeared with Radius in the past:

  • violin: Daniel Rowland, Alexandra Wood, Alexander Sitkovetsky, Charlotte Dowding
  • cello: Oliver Coates, Rosie Banks, Alistair Howes
  • flute: Jennifer George, Adam Walker, Lynda Robertson
  • clarinet: Charys Green, Sarah Watts, Peter Rogers
  • trumpet: Huw Morgan
  • trombone: Tyler Vahldick
  • horn: Jocelyn Lightfoot
  • piano/keyboard: John Reid, Berenika, Jamie Thompson, Jenny Sheldon, Simon Passmore
  • percussion: Adrian Spillett, Owen Gunnell, Chris Brannick
  • voice: Robert Ogden (countertenor), Rebecca Lea (soprano), Danae Eleni (soprano), Laura Sheerin (soprano), Emma Hall (mezzo-soprano), Jonathan Ainscough (baritone), Stephanie Stanway (soprano), Chris Jacklin (baritone), Marc Callahan (baritone), Sebastian Charlesworth (baritone), Louis Hurst (bass), Tom Morss (tenor), Jon Stainsby (baritone), Taylor Wilson (mezzo-soprano), Rebecca Moon (soprano), Sophie Dicks (mezzo-soprano), Owain Browne (baritone), Edwin Pitt Mansfield (baritone), James Fisher (bass)
  • actors: Raymond Blankenhorn, Elise Emmanuelle, Paul Tosio, Angela Myers, Hannah Grainger-Clemson, Jonathan Webb, Alan Bailey, Arne Muus
  • design: Lara Booth, Amy Westwood, Alexandra Ware, Sarah Hoggatt
  • other: Sean Starke (director), Jonathan Traill (conductor), Antony Brannick (conductor/MD), Arne Muus (director), Tim Benjamin (laptop)

New Music

Radius have given world premieres of works by these composers:

  • Laurence Crane (Simon 10 Holt 50)
  • Anthony Gilbert (ecco Eco)
  • Larry Goves (riviniana)
  • Paul Newland (time quivers, Monotonous Forest)
  • Tim Benjamin (Eine Erscheinung aus den Wäldern, Three Portraits, The Rosenhan Experiment, In Memoriam Tape Recorder, A Guess-Me-Knot, The Corley Conspiracy, A Dream of England, Five Bagatelles, Emily, Madame X, Rest in Peace, Silent Jack)
  • Ian Vine (Gesso, X, fifty objects, Underpaintings)
  • Jonathan Traill (Horn Trio (Hommage á Ligeti))
  • Charlie Piper (Bakcheia)

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Listen to Radius

Elliott Carter: Esprit Doux / Esprit Rude II (Jennifer George, Charys Green, Adrian Spillett)
Louis Andriessen: Tuin van Eros (Daniel Rowland, John Reid)
Anthony Gilbert: Moonfaring: III (Oliver Coates, Adrian Spillett)
Ian Vine: Underpaintings (Jennifer George, Charys Green, Daniel Rowland, Oliver Coates)
Tim Benjamin: Five Bagatelles: III (Jennifer George, Charys Green, Daniel Rowland, Oliver Coates, John Reid, Adrian Spillett)
Larry Goves: riviniana (Jennifer George, Charys Green, Daniel Rowland, Oliver Coates, John Reid)
Luciano Berio: Sequenza VIII (Daniel Rowland)
John Cage: Five (Jennifer George, Charys Green, Daniel Rowland, Oliver Coates, John Reid)