Dawn raid: Taking part (backstage) in Emily (2013)
Dawn raid: Taking part (backstage) in Emily (2013)

Take Part

Radius Opera productions sometimes offer participation to volunteers, offering vocal and acting workshops, plenty of fun, and the chance to take part in an opera alongside professional singers.

An incredible, inspiring and exhilarating experience! Always felt fully part of the team and met some wonderful people that are now my friends!
Dawn, who took part as a Suffragette in Emily

Call for volunteers: The Fire of Olympus

We are calling for volunteers, specifically Northern England-based amateur choirs and choral societies (of any size), to take part in a digital "chorus of thousands" for our new production The Fire of Olympus.

We will be conducting workshops in towns across Northern England, where singers will get the chance to receive professional voice coaching, and also learn and sing parts of The Fire of Olympus. As part of the project, you will also learn the story of The Fire and some of the Greek mythology that it is based on.

The workshops will be recorded, and the recordings stitched together digitally to produce a spectacular "chorus of thousands", which will be present in surround sound in the finished theatrical production. We'll then return to the towns were the workshops took place and perform the finished production - giving you and your friends the chance to come and see yourself in the opera!

For a further chance to hear yourself perform and re-unite with fellow singers will come when we release a filmed version of the opera performances, to be shown in cinemas and film festivals - nationally and perhaps even internationally...


  • Spring 2019: workshops take place across Northern England
  • Summer 2019: festival world premiere of The Fire of Olympus
  • Autumn 2019: The Fire of Olympus tours the North
  • Spring 2020: a filmed version of The Fire of Olympus will reach cinemas and film festivals

How to take part

  1. As your choir or choral society's manager or coordinator to contact us, and we'll organise workshops to suit availability
  2. Alternatively, if you are not in a choir or if your choir cannot take part, please contact us yourself and we'll let you know of workshops taking place near you in which you can take part

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Taking part in Emily

For our opera Emily (2013), we held public auditions and gathered together a remarkable group of men and women, who we transformed into Suffragettes, Policemen, and Race-goers. During one particularly memorable scene, a re-enactment of the notorious "Black Friday", massed Suffragettes sang a provocative chant, interrupted and provoked in return by the policemen guarding Parliament. This confrontation turned into a riot, with chaos and tumultuous music, ending in a violent defeat for the Suffragettes on the day - but the public were shocked by the violence dealt to them, and it was another painful step along the way to emancipation.

When I first heard about the new opera “Emily” and how it would be performed during the 100-year commemoration of the death of Emily Wilding Davison, I was fascinated by the subject matter and impressed with the level of research that had gone into the project. I was honoured to take the role of one of the policemen - the whole experience is one I will remember for years to come.
Darren, who took part as a Policeman in Emily

Police brutality, 1913 style
Niall and Darren (policemen) and Lucy (Suffragette) taking part in Emily

The scene from Emily pictured here is strikingly similar to this photo, showing the Suffragette Ada Wright, published in the newspapers in the days following Black Friday. In the Radius Opera production, the policeman was played by volunteer Darren, and Ada Wright by volunteer Lucy.

Ada Wright lying injured on Black Friday

Help others take part

If you can’t take part yourself, why not lend a helping hand to others instead?